One Sunburn plus Four Soccer Games Soccer Game

Leadership Math – Five Leadership Tips from #1

The GirlChild participated in the first game at the park, which was shared with five other soccer fields. These parks are familiar to you. Our backs were almost touching the faces of coaches and other players. live score

NOTE ON EAVESDROPPING It’s not eavesdropping if you are less than 5 feet away and the speaker is talking loud enough to be heard in the next county.

At halftime, the coach behind me called his girls together. He exclaimed, “GREAT first halves,” and “We just need some minor adjustments.”

The rest of the halftime was used by him to make wholesale changes.

I looked around to see what these girls (8th graders) were doing.

They smiled and nodded happily. These were only minor adjustments.

Leadership Tip #1

Leaders who are great at communicating the truth know that what you say is more important than what it says. Content is important, but I don’t think it’s irrelevant. We all know that you need the right content. Even the best content will not be effective if it gets in the way.

Soccer Game #2

After the girls’ match, I drove halfway around the globe so that the BoyChild could ride on the JV-B bus and I could return to the same place we had just been. It wasn’t a win day for environmentalists.

My right shoulder was scalding in the stands as my parents discussed the horrible job that the referees did.

Soccer Game #3

Due to the many injuries sustained by the JV-A team, the goalie for the JV team was promoted to play with the varsity. The BoyChild was then moved to the JV-A team later in the afternoon, back at our home stadium.

I found myself in the section of the stands that was dominated by parents cheering on the players wearing the wrong colors. I was able to hear them complaining about the referees as I let the sun shine on my left side.

Leadership Tip #2

Every person sees things differently. Great leaders are able to see things from many perspectives.

Leadership Tip #3

Leaders who are great at leadership know that they must have a strong bench. It’s impossible to predict when someone might get hurt, make a career change, or move to Oklahoma.

Soccer Game #4

The varsity game was the fourth of the day. The amazing goalie was a player who had been elevated for the day. Here’s the kicker. He was a freshman and had no problems at the varsity level.

Leadership Tip #4

Great leaders understand that in order to get the best out of their team, they must look beyond resumes to evaluate each person’s skills, capabilities, and potential.

The varsity game was amazing, I’m sure. After a long day of soccer and sun, I was not at all surprised that the GirlChild suggested that we leave at halftime.

Leadership Tip #5

Great leaders understand that people need to be able to relax and recuperate from time to again. It is crucial to recognize when individuals are effective, especially in today’s world with fewer people doing the same work. Have you ever read the same sentence three times and not understood it?

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