Spacious Soft Coolers

Keep you food and beverages cold with Soft Coolers. These are available in different sizes, designs and colors to meet the user’s requirements. These are a good purchase not only for personal use but also account for great gift items!

So, are you planning to buy one for personal use? Well here is some help to assist you in deciding on a suitable unit. First of all, it is necessary to decide the purpose for which you require these coolers. If you wish to buy one that serves as a good picnic bag, the big sized bags with multiple pockets will interest you. The designs are unlimited…Tote Bag Coolers, Picnic Baskets, Wheeled Coolers, Beverage Coolers, Wine Bottle Coolers and even Tea Coolers!

Tote Bag Coolers are like rucksacks with straps to help carry the bags on the back or shoulder. These are spacious, waterproof units with insulated compartments. Picnic Time Coolers have some great Tote Bags to choose from. These are bright in color and convenient to carry. Your perfect companion to beaches, long road trips or even sporting events! mccoy cooler

Picnic Baskets are stylish and feminine coolers. They have a huge center compartment for keeping food and beverages. Some of these have multiple pockets for keeping food items and even some necessary cutlery. The Picnic Basket from Picnic At Ascot Coolers is a beautiful denim basket. This attractive basket is blue in color with blue and white stripes and blue straps for carrying. It is an insulated unit with a capacity to hold two bottles.

Wheeled Coolers, as the name suggests, are coolers with wheels. These also have a telescopic handle for easy movement. With a capacity of up to 36 cans, these are big insulated bags that can easily suffice the need of three people. These have a huge capacity and can also be used to stuff snacks and other food items.

Beverage Coolers can be used for carrying beverage bottles. The ones that are made to carry a single one liter bottle are best even for children. They have an insulted duffel to keep the beverage cool and a polyester carrying strap.

Wine Bottle Coolers are available in the market to add fun to a picnic! These are available in various sizes that is, single bottle coolers, and those with a capacity to carry two or even three bottles. These units are insulated and are fully leak-proof. Some of them even have holders for carrying wine glasses.

Tea Cooler is the perfect Soft Cooler for two people. It includes a vacuum flask, two cups, two spoons, one spill proof creamer and a cotton napkin. The contents are all of stainless steel and the cover is made of thermal shield insulation to keep the tea/coffee hot or your juice absolutely cool!

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